Barbara C
In May, 2016, we started searching for a company that would provide care to our friend with Alzheimer’s disease who wished to stay in her home. We needed 24 hour care. We wanted sensitive, caring people. We wanted consistency among the care givers so our friend would not get confused with numerous changes of staff.   We were very fortunate when we discovered Choice Dementia Services and its owner Cyn Dunn.  Cyn Dunn did a full assessment of our friend to establish what type of person would work best to suit our friend’s needs. Every aspect of our friend’s care was assessed and a plan was established and discussed. The level of care provided by Cyn and her staff exceeded all our expectations. As our friend’s Alzheimer’s disease advanced, Cyn was continually reassessing to make sure all her needs were met.
Communication between Cyn, the care givers and our friend’s “extended family” was excellent. The care givers treated our friend like family including her in their personal family events. They learned what was important to our friend and made sure activities were arranged to meet these needs. Cyn and the care givers accompanied our friend to doctor, dentist and physiotherapy appointments as well as hospital visits.  During the time our friend was in hospital, these ladies went above and beyond expectations never leaving her side so there was always a friendly face there when she was disoriented or needed help. Without these ladies being present, our friend might not have received the surgery she needed. Even if we were out of the country, we were always able to give medical consent to surgery knowing our friend would still be given 24 hour one on one care while in hospital. Every need was met plus we were confident in knowing our friend had the best possible care. It alleviated a lot of stress on her “extended family”.   All avenues for personal safety, personal health and needs were always assessed and discussed and implemented. Nothing was ever overlooked or ignored. Cyn constantly reassessing to be prepared for any changing needs over the four years she worked with our friend. An advanced plan was always thought out and ready to be implemented when needed.   It is thanks to Cyn Dunn, owner/operator of Choice Dementia Services, that we were able to fulfill our friend’s wishes of being able to live the rest of her life in her home surrounded by caring, sensitive, supportive people. The care givers became an important part of our friend’s “extended family”.   Thank you, Cyn Dunn, for providing such a valuable service. Cyn takes care in making sure the care givers meet her high standard of qualifications to meet her client’s needs.

Our Belief In Care

We believe in bringing you the peace of mind you need as a CareGiver to a loved one with Alzheimer’s or a related Dementia.

We believe in dedicating ourselves to your loved ones with the same care and respect we would to our own loved ones and family.

We believe in delivering kind, compassionate and meaningful support, allowing you to have the respite needed to continue caring for your loved one.






We believe in providing high quality In-Home Respite service for CareGivers living with a loved one with Alzheimer’s or a related Dementia. Are you or a Caregiver you know in need of some helping hands in order to continue coping with a loved one?

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