James P
This from the spouse of the Primary CareGiver:   To Whom It May Concern,   Please accept this note as a wholesale recommendation of and Devotion of Thanks to Ms. Cynthia Dunn & Choice Dementia for her invaluable assistance with my father-in-law.  Since my wonderful wife lives with me in California and her 93 year-old and virtually blind father still resides in Vancouver, BC, we were facing a logistical and healththreatening nightmare before Cynthia joined our team.  And now not only is Cynthia paving the way for proper care, my father-in-law actually likes her. . . .   So from both my wife’s and my standpoint, as well as (increasingly) my father-in-law’s, anyone in a similar situation would be strongly and well advised to contact and use the professional assistance of Ms. Cynthia Dunn.
Grace W
I was referred to Cynthia Dunn & Choice Dementia when my 92-year-old father went to Fleetwood Villa Assisted Living in Surrey, B.C. after his failure to survive any longer by himself at home. My father has severe vision problems as well as memory, dementia /Alzheimer’s.  I live in California and run a small business here. Since virtually all my father’s friends have either passed on or are elderly themselves, and there is no family member to help other than me, I had a need to find someone be “me” when I was not available to be there in person with him.  Thankfully, Cyn was able to connect with my dad on a special level.  She is both professional and compassionate. She assists him in opening his mail, files, taking him to the bank and reviewing his bills with him.  In addition, she has organized his clothes, has gone shopping for the extra needs he has and has taken him to the Doctor.  She has also helped to coordinate his .....READ MORE
Barb S
We would like to thank you for all of the support you have given us looking after Bernice.  We don't know how we would have managed without you!  We appreciate all you do to make Bernice's life in her home possible.  Everyone has done an amazing job keeping Bernie stimulated with the many varied activities you do with her.  You have provided insight into identifying medical issues and safety concerns in her home.  Bernice's life is richer and more meaningful with you helping her with life's challenges. Thank you for being there for all of us!
My daughter contacted Cyn and she came out on the weekend to do the assessment with all of us, which was so beneficial.  She answered all our questions came back with a care plan which included that the HCA that would be here would love to walk as my husband at the drop of the hat would say I’m going for a walk and be gone.    We set up 2 days a week and I was surprised that along with the walks my husband and even me would sit and do a puzzle or a game of some kind.  The kindness and fun that came from this was good for us all a good laugh the best of medicine.  I was also surprised at how well my husband did with the encouragement from the HCA, she new just how to get the best from him, and of course my husband liked that he could do so well.  Heaven sent
Robin H
I am so very grateful that we found such a professional, caring & genuine caregiver who truly cares about her clients and staff. I am so happy that B is doing so well in your care.  You make B's day that much brighter!  You go above and beyond by including us and updating us on things we do not see.  You make it possible for me to have peace of mind.
I contacted Cyn to come and asses what the company could do for me.  It came as a surprise as to how tired I got emotionally and physically just taking care of my husband.  All the cueing and thinking one step ahead, the ever-changing moods and wants I’m not a young woman anymore and it took its toll.  Once having Choice coming in I was able to go back to my bridge club on a regular basis, I didn’t know how much I had missed the socializing. One of Choice Dementias differences is that one HCA was assigned to my husband and because of that he and I got to know this woman and she us.  She understood what my husband needed and when because she was here consistently.   Nothing beats one on one consistent care!!  Thank you
Ann & Gordon R
What a difference you've made in all our lives! You may not be christmas angels, but you are angels, all the same!
My mom has Alzheimer's.  I first contacted Choice to provide 2 day a week care which quickly went to five day a week care for my mom.  This allowed me the freedom to carry on working with less to no worry.  They were even able to stay overnight for 3-5 days at a time when I went out of town on business so that the job did not fall to my husband and children.   Mom was well cared for and I was happy with the personal touch that one to one offered.   After about 5 months and we were all settled down as a family with having mom here, we decided to provide care for my mom ourselves. This lasted about a month than we came to realize we couldn't cope, we aren’t specialist and it showed.   We are now back with Choice and so very happy they had the ability to provide the top quality of full time care again for my mom.   We had no idea how difficult it is to care for a family member with Dementia.   Thank goo.....READ MORE
Pasquale C
Words can't convey our appreciation for everything you and your ladies do.  You all are amazing!


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