20 Questions that Help Explain Why People with Dementia Get Agitated and Physically Aggressive


I've come across these questions that you can ask yourself to help you understand why people with dementia and Alzheimer's frequently get agitated and aggressive. I invite you to read through the questions and take a moment to answer them... you may be surprised by the feelings you experience when you begin to answer the questions. 



1. What would you do if you were in their shoes?


2. How would you react if your children took your car keys away and told you couldn’t drive anymore for no reason?


3. How would you react if people told you it was daytime when you knew for a fact it was the middle of the night?


4. How would you respond if someone told you strangers would be coming to your house where you had lived alone for decades to take care of you because you couldn’t take care of yourself?


5. What would you say if someone came and took your dog or cat away?


6. How would you react if somebody kidnapped you from your home and took you to a prison full of sick and crazy people?


7. What would you do if the people in the prison ordered you to sit down when you wanted to stand up? Or made you stand up when you wanted to sit down?


8. How would you react if you wanted a drink and were told you couldn’t have one?


9. How would you respond if you loved peace and quiet and you were now surrounded by loud noises, and strangers who shouted, groaned and talked nonsense all the time?


10. How would you react if people less than a quarter your age talked to you like you were a two-year old?


11. What would you do if you wanted to escape, but all the doors were locked and you didn’t have a key? What would you do if you weren’t allowed out – ever?


12. How would you react if somebody tried to force-feed you? What would you do if somebody made you swallow pills you knew would put you to sleep when you wanted to be awake?


13. What would you do if a stranger tried to take something that belonged to you? What if they managed to get it and they wouldn’t give it back?


Check back as we add more questions to the list.


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