Home Safety Check List for Loved Ones of Seniors

Here is a home safety check list if you are a loved one of a senior with dementia:


1. Do throw rugs create a tripping hazard?

2. Is the room cluttered with clothing, magazines, newspaper or other items?

3. Is there too much furniture for the space?

4. Does the senior lack access to a telephone or cell phone, especially at night?Senior Safety Checklist

5. Is there enough light?

6. Is the bed too high or low?
7. Do tangled electrical cords obstruct pathways?
8. Does the furniture provide proper support, if needed?



Some suggestions for making your the home of your senior with dementia safer:


1. Remove throw rugs or use double-sided tape or a rug pad to secure the rug to the floor. For small tears, a little glue or carpet staples can fix the problem.

2. It might be a good time to work with your senior and clean out closets and drawers of items he or she no longer wears or uses. For other items, build or buy shelving for closets to store sweaters, blankets or shoes.
3. Consider a cordless phone. If the senior is not agreeable to having a phone in the room, or he or she doesn’t own a cell phone, suggest an emergency alert system. An internet search for emergency alert or medical alert systems will provide you with a variety of options.
4. Nightlights are a good option for dark rooms at night. If the senior likes to read in the bedroom at night or turns on the light in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, make sure the bulb wattage is high enough (within allowable limits) to

5. Properly illuminate the room. Rope lighting is another good option for hallways that connect the bathroom and bedroom.

6. The bed is too low if the senior’s knees are above the hips when sitting on the bed. Bed risers under bed legs can raise the height. The bed is too high when legs do not touch the floor when sitting on the edge of the bed. Remove the bed frame or use a lower profile mattress or box springs.
7. Use extension cords to run electrical cords behind furnishings. Rearrange furniture that must be plugged in to areas near an outlet. Consider a power strip where several cords can be plugged into one long power source.
8. Make sure bedroom chairs are the proper height, so the senior’s feet touch the floor. Chairs should have sturdy legs and arms.


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