Senior Home Safety Snapshot

Senior Home SafetyThe survey of ER doctors, seniors and adult children reveals that home isn’t always the safe haven that seniors and their loved ones dream about.


And adult children, their aging parents and emergency room doctors don’t always see things the same way.


For one thing, 100% of ER doctors in the U.S. and Canada say it’s very important for adult children to take one day each year to perform a safety check of their aging parents’ homes. But in the last year, only 44% (41% in Canada) have done this.


Likewise, 100% of emergency room doctors in the U.S. (99% in Canada) say it’s very important for families of seniors to invest in basic home safety modifications, but only 18% of adult children report they or their parents have done so or plan to. The reason? Many of these adult children (56% in the U.S. and 47% in Canada) say their parent’s home doesn’t need modifications.


Many issues could impact an older adult’s ability to remain at home, including the effects of aging on the senses.


It’s not always easy to understand the physical limitations older adults face that could make home a virtual minefield for an aging parent.  Observing the safety hazards in a senior’s home is one thing.  Living them is another.


Nearly 100% of emergency room doctors in the U.S. and Canada report that the following health conditions are very serious risk factors as potential causes for injuries or accidents at home:
• Mobility Problems
• Poor Eyesight
• Balance Issues
• Confusion or Dementia
• Impaired Motor Skills


Try putting yourself in a senior’s shoes. Difficult? Perhaps this will put things in perspective.


A little extra help at home could be just what an older adult needs to stay safe. In fact, doctors estimate that 61% of seniors in the U.S. (66% in Canada) who come to the emergency room could benefit from more help at home.


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